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Carbonergy BCS

# Installations in a resort & a farm completed June 2018
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# Installations in private residences completed 2018
Carbonergy BCS, in partnership with Philippine-based electrical engineers, is now providing advisory services for residential and commercial (small- to medium-sized businesses, resorts, hotels, farms, etc.) solar PV systems. We assist clients in making an informed decision on what size system would best fit their electricity needs and help with the paperwork required by the local authorities and electric utility for a net-metering application (currently only possible for installations up to 100kW).

By analyzing a client's electricity bills, we can provide scenarios of different-sized systems showing the electricity and cost savings, return on investment (ROI), and internal rate of return. We have found that ROI for installations is 4-5 years, leaving clients with free electricity for around 20 years.

If a solar PV system has been installed with inverters that have data functions, we assist clients to track and monitor electricity generation and usage through an online platform or a smart phone app giving us deeper insight into the savings and, should the installation generate any excess, what is fed into the grid through a net meter.

If you have been thinking about investing in a solar PV system, please do not hesitate to send us your last few electricity bills and we will provide you with scenarios for consideration.

# A few installations