Solar PV

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Carbonergy provides business advisory services to clients on the potential of solar PV technology to reduce the purchase of expensive electricity from the grid and/ or to replace power from their own diesel generators.

We have partnered with a Philippine electrical engineering team with lengthy experience installing solar PV and together we provide a full range of services to promote, install and service solar PV installations for off- and on-grid use (e.g. for households, small businesses, farms, hotels, resorts, remote locations, and islands, etc.).

We also assist clients to apply for net-metering that allows the sale of excess electricity, generated from the installations, to the electric utility.

Our installations are showing payback of 4 years and rates of return in excess of 35%.

Carbonergy BCS

# Installation in a resort completed June 2018
# Model for electric vehicle battery charging developed
# Installation in a private residence completed March 2018