Carbonergy BCS

A project concept was prepared for the Mongolian DNA in 2011 that targets the development of an institutional and regulatory framework and national strategy that will enable the country to implement its low carbon development/ climate change mitigation goals and support participation in existing and new carbon market mechanisms.

The programme framework included: a set of prioritized Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) to be developed using scenario and techno-economic analyses; mitigation and carbon market concerns 'mainstreamed' into relevant legislative instruments and policy directives; and incentives for low carbon initiatives.

The project, in addition, targeted: increased awareness and capacity of public and private sector stakeholders; development of a sample NAMA while training counterparts; enhancing the channelling of financial resources to support NAMAs; establishment of a knowledge base and access to required information; and development and populatation of a scenario analysis tool to support decision making.

Institutions already active in emission mitigation, whether legislators, decision-makers in line ministries, programme managers, national experts or project developers were targeted as the immediate beneficiaries of and participants in the programme.

The development objective of the programme was to foster the growth of a low carbon, green economy and society through:
Attracting clean and efficient, sustainable technology that will lead to a reduction in unsustainable and environmentally unsound practices;
Promoting an effective climate for investments that will support (sustainable) development and increase flows of foreign (and domestic) direct investment;
Providing modern energy services to the population while ensuring the security of supply and a measure of energy independence; and
Avoiding or reducing greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions across broad segments of the economy.

Low Carbon Development: Market Readiness
NAMA Programme Concept

# Programme submitted to donors: Japan & the World Bank
# Concept can be replicated in other countries