Carbonergy has developed a qualitative, multi-criteria assessment tool to help determine the sustainable development impact of actions taken under low-carbon development (aka low-emission development [LED], nationally appropriate mitigation actions [NAMAs], intended nationally determined contribution [INDC]) activities in developing countries. The tool was developed as a simplified means for developers, administrators and consultants of such activities to assess their impact against a range of criteria and indicators.

The tool includes hyperlinked data sets of: a) the full range of criteria and indicators from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Goals) agreed under the United Nations (2015); b) criteria and indicators to measure vulnerability and resilience of energy systems to climate change developed by Carbonergy's partner, Cornland International; and c) indicators of developing country hosts of such activities (to be included and hyperlinked on a project-by-project basis).

Carbonergy BCS

SD tool
Another tool has been developed as a methodological guide to assessing a host country's institutional framework and to developing a harmonized system to support the implementation and management of NAMAs and similar low-carbon development activities.

The guide takes a systems' analysis approach and presents the generic elements of a NAMA system, providing an overview of functions, processes, work flows and various aspects of system management. It then provides brief descriptions of the key functions' processes and expected data management requirements.
NAMA system guide
N.B. The tool and guide will only be available for use through consultancy engagements.

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