Projects (ongoing)

RE2Grid PoA: Registered!
# Support to Mongolian DNA (World Bank)

Carbonergy BCS

# PIN development small scale biogas, Philippines (KfW & DBP)

(pre 2016)

# Due diligence
cookstove PoAs (SEA)
# Study of CDM projects' feasibility (SEA)

Consultancies (2016)

Developing Market Readiness for NAMAs/ for the International Development Association, World Bank (Nigeria)
Supporting Trinidad and Tobago to develop a monitoring, reporting and verification system (MRV) for low carbon development activities/ for UNDP
Development/ implementation of training programme for formulation and implementation of NAMAs in Trinidad and Tobago/ for UNDP

Consultancies (2017)

Capacity building support for NDC implementation, with focus on energy interventions stipulated in the NDCs, in the Caribbean region.

Solar PV

Enabling investments in renewable-energy and energy-efficiency as part of supporting implementation of the Caribbean NDCs/ for the Swedish Energy Agency
Developers are encouraged to contact us and request inclusion of their wind, run-of-river hydo, solar PV, wave, tidal & geothermal energy projects. All of these technologies are eligible for inclusion in the PoA.
# Study: energy sector resilience Caribbean (SEA)
# Mainstreaming energy/ climate technology in Mongolia (ADB)
# Due diligence CDM landfill gas projects (SEA)